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Useful links

CCASD Has prepared several pdf reports for counselors and college admission professionals

Directory of SD High School Counselors

SD High School visitation policies

Last fall's high school enrollments

Lists and pictures of SD High School Counselors are available by area of the state in mobile format in our mobile section.

A listing of web sites for South Dakota schools is also maintained on the Department of Education's web site at  

One can also find the state Education Directory on the state web site.

CCASD also works with the SD School Counselor Association on many of its programs.  For more information on SDSCA, please go to their web site at

There is also a list available of the counselor changes in South Dakota for the fall of 2015.

Planning Days: PDF copies are also available for a list of possible planning day questions and a planning day follow-survey.  You may make as many copies of these pages as are needed for use at or after your planning day program.  You can also go to the Planning Day page and see the list of post-secondary institutions registered for each program by clicking the location.  A press release on the programs is also available for use by counselors attending.

HS Counselors can also download a counselor flyer about the automation system being used for the 2015 Planning Days.

College Admission Reps. can download a college admissions flyer on obtaining scanners for the automation system.

SD School Counselors

SD HS Counselor Photo Directory